Dungeni Nepal Water Project 2018

Portland, Casterbridge and Poundbury Clubs with help of RIBI Donations Trust and Okhle Village Trust


Dungeni has 14 houses and a population of 60.

There is a spring which only flows during the wet season. There is another spring which is all year round but is very difficult to access up a very precarious steep narrow path. There are no tanks or taps.

Collection chambers will be built at both springs.

A New tank will be built above the houses. Piping will connect to this from both springs.

There will be a tap at the source collection chamber for the one high house. Piping will lead to two other taps to serve the rest of the village.

The cost remains at £3,100.00

Again, the work has been authorised to be carried out between January and May 2018.

Dungeni from above

The water source

A very difficult descent, particularly if carrying 25 litres of water

Site for one of the taps

Meeting the villagers