Raipali Banyang Nepal Water Project 2018

Portland, Casterbridge and Poundbury Clubs with help of RIBI Donations Trust and Okhle Village Trust

Raipali Banyang

A small village of only 40 people but it is on an important thoroughfare and many people using the road make use of the tap. The existing tank is leaking badly due to incursion of tree roots. On inspection there was barely any water contained within the tank despite a good flow into it. The proximity of roots preclude repair. A new 10000 litre tank will be built at a slightly different location away from the tree.

Original estimate was a surprising £915.00 as most tanks have previously cost approximately £1300.00 and it has now proved to be the case here.

With fundraising we feel we can meet this added cost and have given the go ahead for this project, again January to May 2018.

Raipali Banyang village

Leaking tank

Site of new tank on a lower terrace