Water Projects Nepal 2018 Overview

Portland, Casterbridge and Poundbury Rotary Clubs with help of RIBI Donations Trust, District 1200 and Okhle Village Trust

Water and Sanitation Projects in Nepal.

Interim Report for the Rotary GB&I Donations Trust

Portland Rotary Club, Dorchester Casterbridge Rotary Club, Dorchester Poundbury Rotary Club and Okhle Village Trust

Mark Townsend, Portland Rotary Club

Richard Brind, Dorchester Casterbridge Rotary Club

Jane Nolting-May, Dorchester Poundbury Rotary Club

Richard Backwell, Okhle Village Trust


Subsequent to the District grant and Rotary GB&I Donations Trust approval, Mark Townsend, Richard Brind and Richard Backwell along with other members of Portland and Casterbridge Rotary Clubs visited Nepal between 2 and 20 November 2017. We assessed each project in the yellow highlighted villages below and gave the go ahead for the work to be undertaken between January and May 2018 (work needs to be after the harvesting but before the monsoon season begins). The costs have increased on three projects (see individual project descriptions). Working with the Okhle Village Trust we hope to be able to cover the additional expense.

Project Sites


Summary and future action.

The work plans have been agreed. (See the individual projects on their own pages for the detail)

The costings have changed, but this was expected.

                             Previous                          Current

Payaswora        £5500.00                         £5500.00

Pokharichap     £2600.00                         £2600.00

R Bhanyang      £915.00                            £1300.00

Arubot               £1700.00                         £5500.00

Dungeni            £3100.00                         £3100.00

Total                   £13815.00                       £18000.00

Plus (not part of the grant bid, but agreed originally as our single project for this year):

Gairiswora       £5500.00                         £7000.00


Although the total costs have risen by almost £5700.00; £3800.00 of this was incurred by visiting the Arubot site and deciding to do a much more ambitious project. The remaining increases are within our expected parameters and are achievable.

Bimal Gurung the Nepali guide that we have worked with for fifteen years has managed all of the previous projects and is the local site/project manager and will oversee all of the current ones.

Money raised for the projects pay for materials and skilled labour (e.g. rendering a concrete tank). Unskilled labour is undertaken by the villagers themselves at no cost. (e.g. digging trenches for piping and footings) This reduces overall costs and gives the locals ownership.

Work will again be carried out post-harvest when workers are free and before the rainy season. This will be January to May 2018.

Detailed receipts will be produced for the work.

Funds will be sent direct from the Portland Rotary Club charity account in stages to meet costs as they arise. Photographs will be sent to show the work progress before each new sum is sent.

In November 2018, the OVT and Rotarians will visit again to verify the work has been completed and to a satisfactory standard.

These projects will give a clean water supply to six villages and a population exceeding 1150 people, plus others passing through. It will result in an improvement to the population’s health, reduce hugely the time for farmers, women and children collecting water, improve crop production due to irrigation, improved education due to enabling the children to be back in school. The improved quality of life also has the potential to reduce migration from villages to the cities.