Christmas Collection December 2020

Out and about one night

This year was very different due to Covid restrictions and what we were allowed, and thought prudent, to undertake.  We decided just to simply tour the streets of Ely, without knocking on doors, so that everyone could at least see Santa and his sleigh. This went very well and we were delighted with the appreciation shown by many members of the public to our effort.

We tried to make up for this by extra static collections in the High St, Market Place and at Tesco’s.   These static collections  went well except where the weather put a dampener (quite literally) on proceedings.

In all we were able to raise approx. £3,200 for good causes and we would like to thank the people of Ely once again for their generosity. This  was well down on what we usually achieve but not bad under the circumstances.  We also now can handle contactless and online donations which will be helpful in the future.  The club also wishes to mention Ely Hereward Rotary club and the Inner Wheel club of Ely who helped us in our efforts.  Hopefully next Xmas we can be back to our normal way of working.