Spot the Artist from Thursday 17th September 2020 (setting up) until Sunday 20th September. Viewing on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st with the sale itself on Sunday 20th. Venue Porthmeor Studios, Back Road West, St Ives.

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Spot the Artist  from Thursday 17th September 2020 (setting up) until  Sunday 20th September. Viewing on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th with the sale itself on Sunday 20th. Venue Porthmeor Studios, Back Road West, St Ives.

‘Spot the Artist 2020’

‘Spot the Artist’ is an annual event which was first organised by the Rotary Club of St Ives during the St Ives September Festival of 2006.

The event is held in Porthmeor Studios, the iconic studio complex which has had close connections with the art  community in St Ives since about 1880. This year the exhibition and sale will be held in the Borlase Smart Room which is at street level and larger than the studio we have used in previous years.  

We invite artists to give a piece of artwork which we then sell to members of the public for a fixed price.  In 2019 this will be £50. We exhibit the artwork in the studio for two days before the sale. The artwork is signed on the reverse side and, in theory, the buyer will not know the identity of the artist until after the sale.

The event will take place on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th September (viewing days)  and Sunday 20th September 2020 (day of the sale). The proceeds  will be shared, as in previous years, on a 50/50 basis between (1) local arts charities and organisations (including the St Ives School of Painting for work with young people) and (2) charities and local good causes supported by Rotary including Shelterbox and the campaign to eradicate Polio in the world.

The event attracts a lot of publicity, increasingly so on the internet and social media. It is very popular with members of the public who, in some cases, queue outside the studio  for upwards of 24 hours before the sale. In 2017, the queue stretched for about 100 yards along Back Road West before the start of the sale.  

In 2017 many of the participating artists had recently held solo or joint exhibitions in galleries in all parts of the country, and in several cases internationally. In 2018 we hope to display and sell artwork given by at least 300 artists, most of them professional. About one half of the contributors live and work in Cornwall and Devon. The remainder come from other parts of the United Kingdom and from further afield, including Spain, France, Germany, the USA, Hungary and Ireland.  In 2017 about 60 of the generous contributors had artwork selected for inclusion in the prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in recent years. This year we hope that this figure will rise to over 90.

Some artists tell us that in terms of quality and variety of the work, this is the best event of its kind in the country outside London.

Members of the public are allowed to buy up to 3 paintings on their initial visit to the sale. This is to ensure that, as far as possible, there will be something for anyone willing to join the queue. It should also discourage the resale of any artwork after the sale. We are not aware that this has happened in past years.

You might like to have a look at the good, short, YouTube clip about ‘Spot the Artist’ at

In 2015 the event raised £10,000. In each of the years 2017 and 2018 the total raised exceeded £13,000. With increased hanging space, and additional  generous contributors, we hope to improve on this figure in 2019.

The members of St Ives Rotary Club  responsible for organising the event are Mike Clough, Anthony Gribbin and John Shearn. They are helped by other members during the event itself. Mike, a retired solicitor, is a trustee of the St Ives School of Painting and of Penwith Galleries Ltd. He also served for some years as a trustee of the Leach Pottery. Anthony retired after many years working  in Arts education is currently the Director of The  National Acrylic Painters' Association.John, also retired, is a keen artist.

The Rotary Club of St Ives (Charity no 1097154

Provisional Contributors 2019

Susan Absolon               R A Summer Show

Julia Adams                 

Tony Aldrich                

Naomi Alexander R.O.I.   RA Summer Show  1985 to 2018           

Andrew Allanson       

Mary Allen

Caroline Appleyard       

Ashar                                R A Summer Exhibition


Peter Austin                   RA Summer Show

Louise Balaam  RWA     RA Summer Show 

Jenni Balow           

Paul Banning  RI   RSMA    R A Summer Exhibition

Ray Barry                                 St Ives Society of Artists.

Sally Bassett                 

Deborah Batt NAPA      R A Summer Exhibition 

Paul Bawden                   

David Beer                               Waterside Gallery, St Ives

Beáta Belánszky          

Sonja Benskin Mesher   

Sara Berman                         www.sarabermanartist.comR A SummerExhibition

Jackie Berridge            R A Summer Exhibition

Hester Berry               

Alan Betteridge         

Jane Betteridge        

Chris Billington             

Lesley Birch                 R A Summer Exhibition 

Jenny Birchall             

Andrew Bird                

Lynne Bishop

Sarah Blakey                 

Alice Boggis-Rolfe     R A Summer Exhibition             

Neil Bolton                   

Imogen Bone                

Sara Bor                         

Louise Bougourd        

Fiona Bradford              R A Summer Exhibition 

Joan Bradley               

 David Brayne                 R A Summer Exhibition

Martyn Brewster       

Katy Brown                 

Christine Brunnock   

Alex andra Buckle     RASummer Exhibition

Hilary Buckley          

Johnny Bull                 RA Summer Exhibion 2018

Paul  Bursnall            

Brian Busselle                    

Lar Cann                      

Neil Canning                   R A Summer Exhibitions

Andrew Carnegie         R A Summer Exhibition

Jill Carter                 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Ashton Chadwick

Lynda Charlton

Barbara Cheney             R A  Summer Exhibition

John Charles Clark

Wendy Clouse            

Amanda Coleman          RA Summer Exhibition

Nick Collier                   A Summer Exhibition

Ashley Collin                 RA Summer Exhibition 2018

Niamh Collins               

Joanna Commings      

Daisy Cook                            R A Summer Exhibition

Julie D Cooper              

Alan Cotton                   

Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky 

Stuart Coy                        RA Summer Show

Paul  Crook      R A Summer Exhibition 2019

Alison Critchlow          

Steve Crossley              

Rosie Cunningham                 Http://

Lesley  Dabson              

Maureen Davies          

Sue Davis                      

Lin Deacon                   

Gerry Defries               

 Paul Dilworth                    R A Summer Show

Roger Dobson               R A Summer Show

Simon  Drew                    

Henrietta Dubrey        

Sara Dudman   RWA      R A Summer Exhibition

John Duffin                      R A Summer Exhibition     

Alan Edwards               

John Emanuel              

Mary Kaun English      

Brenda Evans                         R A Summer Exhibition 

Graham  Evernden         R A Summer Exhibition

Michael Ewart              

Cornelia FitzRoy                R A Summer Exhibition 2018

Rosina Flower                    

Shirley Foote                

Chris Forsey                  

Paul  Fowler                          R A Summer Show   

Nikki Frater                         

Holly Frean                        R A Summer Exhibition

Anthony Frost                       R A Summer Exhibition

Vanessa Gardiner           R A Summer Show 2015, 2016  

Conor Gallagher              R A Summer Exhibition

Christopher Glanville        R A Summer Exhibition

Roy Goodman                   

Paul Gough                    

Iain Grant                       

Susan Gray                     

 Anna Grayson                 RA Summer Exhibition 2018

Judith Green                   R A Summer Exhibitions

Jayne Greer                       R A Summer Exhibition 

Jenny Grevatte             

Anthony Gribbin          

Stewart Griffin             

Michele Griffiths                    R A Summer Exhibition

Richard Guy                   

Caroline    Hall              

Nigel Hallard                     

Nicola Hancox               

Niki Hare                       

Andy Harper                    R A Summer Exhibition

Linda Harrison                        www.leedsfineartists

Frances Hatch                     R A Summer Exhibition RobinHazlewood             1977/79/80/85 RA Summer Exhibitions

Peter Heard                  

Heath Hearn                          

Claire Henley                

Dick Hewitson                 R A Summer Exhibition

June Hicks

John Higgins                 

Terri Hogan                   

Alice Hole                       

Rick Holmes                  

Andrew Hood               

Jane Hooper                  Summer Exhibition     

Freya Horsley               

David Hosking                    

Gerald Hosking             

Carol Hosking-Smith   

Geoffrey Huband         

Andrew Hucklesby      

Angie Hunt                     

Gordon Hunt                 

Tracey Hunter              

Steve Jacobson            

Armelle James             

Juliet James                   RA Summer Exhibition     

Roger    Jardine            

Kit Johns                        

Brian Jones                   

Linda Mary Jones          R A Summer Show

Peter  Jones                      R A Summer Show     

Rachael Kantaris

Shaun Keefe                 

Marie Keeling              

Tim Kellam                       

Michael Kennedy          R A SummerExhibition

Stuart Kettle                

Sophie Knight             R A Summer Exhibition

Mo Lancaster                 RASummer Exhibition  

Ivan Lapper                        

Joanne Last                   

Arth Lawr                      

Teresa Lawton                R A Summer Exhibition

Caroline Lees                      R A Summer Exhibitions

Jill Leman                          RA Summer Exhibition

Jason Lilley                   

Kim Lintern                   

Richard Lodey              

Gary Long                      

Liz Luckwell                    

Judy Lusted                  

Andrew Macara                  R A Summer Exhibition

Cherrie Mansfield       

Felicity Mara                    

Sasa Marinkov               R A Summer Exhibition

Clive Matthews           

Francesca Maxwell     

Jo   McChesney                R A  Summer Exhibition.

Emma McClure            

Melanie McDonald     

Linda Melbourne

Christopher Miers      R A Summer Exhibition

Matthew  Mifsud            RA Summer Exhibition 2018

Tony Minnion                

Janet Mitchell                   R A Summer Exhibition

David Moore                  R A Summer Exhibition

Marina Morris                       

Julie Moss                        

Hani Mroz                         

Marjory Mulrooney       

Alice Mumford                 

Kev Munday                     

Sue Munson                       R A  Summer Exhibition.

Danka Napiorkowska         

Midge Naylor                            R A Summer Exhibition

Plum Neasmith                          www.plumneasmith    R A Summer Exhibition

Lesley Ninnes                      Tony Noble                          R A Summer Exhibition  

David Norman                 

Jenny Oldknow                  

Colin Orchard                    R A Summer Exhibition  

Christopher Osborne   

Elaine Oxtoby                  

Selma Parlour                    R A Summer Exhibition

Sylvia Paul                              R A Summer Exhibition

Mandy Payne                R A Summer Exhibition

David Penhale                           www.          

Eric Pentecost                 

Peter Perry                          R A Summer Exhibition

Martyn Perryman           

Olivia Pethybridge         

Tony P Phillips

Suzanne Phillips              

 Josep Pla                          

Brian Pollard                     

Caroline Ponsonby        

Ria Poole                           

Mark Poprawski             

Sandra Porter                    R A Summer Exhibition 

Julia Potter                      R A Summer Exhibition   

Sara Pound                      

Michael Praed                 

Mark Preston                  

Rex Preston                     

Nicole Price                       R A  Summer Exhibition.

Trevor Price                       R A Summer Exhibitions

Martin Procter                

Christine  Pybus                  R A Summer Exhibitiion

Louise Rawlings             

Roy Ray         

Belinda Reynell                    

Laura Rich                        

Ley Roberts                     

 Michael  Roberts               R A Summer Exhibition 2018             

Iain Robertson                

Paul Robinson                 

Beth Rodway                        RA Summer Exhibition 2018

Annie Rothenstein              R A Summer Exhibition

Julian Rowe                               www.    

Sue Rogers                       

Jenny Ryrie                       

Nicholas St John Rosse      R A Summer Exhibition   

Chris Sampson                                        

Iona Sanders                    

Jeremy Sanders               

John Scott Martin           

Lincoln Seligman                 R A Summer Exhibition 

Rosa Sepple   PRI            R A Summer Exhibition

Jenny Shaw- Browne    

Ian Sidaway                      

Ruth Skolmli                     

Jennie Slater                       

Cynthia Smith   

Jo Smith                           

Rita Smith                                        

Ingrid Sofrin                   

Richard Sorrell               R A Summer Exhibition 

Sarah Spackman         

Julian St  Clair               

David Stamp                 

Stuart Stanley               

Katy Stoneman                          

Allan Storer                    

Michael J Strang            R A Summer Exhibition

Madeleine Strobel                  21 Group

Henrietta Stuart            

Paul Sunderland                      www.paulsunderland.netR ASummer Exhibition

Julian Sutherland Beatson     R A Summer Exhibition  

Linda  Sutton                         R A Summer Exhibition  

Christine Taherian         

Marion Taylor                 

Lis Thomas                                www.   RA Summer Exhibition

M J (Jill) Thomas           

Paul Tomlinson  

Natalie Toms                   

Lisa Traxler  ARWS        

Tim Treagust                   

Philippa Tunstill            R A  Summer Exhibition 2018

Elaine Turnbull                  

Daphne Turner                            Riverbank Gallery Newlyn

J F K Turner                              R A Summer Exhibition  

Dick Twinney                     

Angela   Uren                     

Judith Vincent                   

Eugenie Vronskaya    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019

Joanna Vollers                  

Paul Wadsworth              

Sophie Wake                              Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

Annie Ward                       

Eric Ward                           

Clare Wardman                

Marissa Weatherhead   

Chiara Elisa Wells

Robert E Wells                    R A Summer Exhibition

Deborah Westmancoat     R A Summer Exhibition

Jenny Wheatley                 RA Summer Exhibition 2018.

Suzanne Whitmarsh       

Jo  Whitney                        

Marion Wilcocks               

David Willetts                   RA Summer Exhibition 

Annie Williams                           2009 Turner Watercolour Award     Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions.

Emma Williams                 

Ges Wilson                         

John Wilson

David Wiseman                           R A Summer Exhibition

Jenny Woodhouse                    Facebook ,Jenny Woodhouse and David Moore      R A SummerExhibition

Caroline Yates                         R A Summer Exhibition  

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