Free Portland News entry by Keith Barnard Jones/ Free Portland News entry by Keith Barnard Jones

December 2017

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Happy Christmas to all readers of F.P.N. from the Rotarians.

My offering this month will be short and sweet as it is merely a vehicle to wish everyone a Wonderful Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy, Polio-free 2018.

Leaflets are out telling people about our Santa deliveries on Christmas Day – parcels can be left at Hull Gregson and Hull in Easton Street or at the Paper Shop/Post Office in Fortuneswell.

Don’t forget to look at our club Facebook page to tell you where we will be with Santa and his touring sleigh on which night – it all depends on the weather.

Finally a personal Thank You from me to all those who do read what I write and come back to me to discuss it, or argue about it or disagree, or whatever.

Don’t worry – there will be more next year.

Enjoy the holidays.