Technology Tournament

Technology Tournaments are one-day events for teams of four students from local schools and colleges run by clubs in the areas working together.

One hundred design and technology students from across Milton Keynes put their skills and ingenuity to the test on Wednesday 14 March 2018 at the annual Technology Tournament, organised by the combined Rotary Clubs of Milton Keynes.

The Rotary Technology Tournament was held at Denbigh School, where 25 teams were asked to solve a design and technology based task which they knew nothing about until the day of the event.  This year’s task required the teams to design, build and demonstrate a launcher able to send a capsule  - represented by a small plastic ball - into space.

The winning teams, in three age groups, were from Denbigh School (foundation level), St Paul’s School (intermediate level) and Radcliffe School (advanced level).  The students received a trophy and the winning schools received £200 prize money.

Prizes were presented by Peter Kara, High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire and Justin Pearce, General Sales Manager, Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell, who also sponsored the event.  The tournament judges were from The Open University’s faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Network Rail , along with members and associates of the Rotary Clubs of Milton Keynes.

What is the Tournament about?

Technology Tournaments are one-day events for teams of four students from local schools and colleges. Under supervised tournament conditions, students collectively work together to solve the previously unseen task whilst using oral, written and graphical communications skills to compile a project portfolio .  The task aims to test the collective knowledge, ingenuity, innovation and manual skills of the teams of four students and their ability to work as a team. 

There are three age levels for team members; foundation, intermediate or advanced. The degree of complexity of the task is increased at each age level.  

The teams are given a basic set of materials for the task. These might include strips of wood, dowel, paperclips, tape, wire, cardboard, glue, elastic bands, small electric motor, etc. 

The day culminates in a testing session when each team demonstrates their best solution to the task and is judged against the efforts of the competing teams in their age group. The results are assessed by a small panel with backgrounds in engineering, technology, enterprise and education. They help to steer the teams by asking pointed questions during the day.

Students who successfully participate are eligible to apply for a CREST Discovery Award.

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