What Rotary is about...

Rotary funding international disaster aid

Quite simply, the Rotary ideal is community service and fellowship at the same time - importantly having fun and creating lasting friendships.

Rotary is an international organisation of men and women whose aim is to use their skills to put something back into the community - both at home and abroad.  However, Rotary clubs are autonomous and determine their own programmes, projects and activities based on local needs and wishes, taking account of the varied skills and resources that their club has at its disposal.

It's hard to describe the fellowship aspect of Rotary but no matter where you are, there will usually be someone who is also a Rotarian and a club you can visit.  Being a Rotarian opens the doors to a fantastic range of activities, experiences and long-lasting friendships.

There are some 34,000 Rotary clubs in 200 countries worldwide, boasting some 1.2 million members.  Within the area covered by Great Britain and Ireland there are more than 51,000 members in around 1,800 clubs. A Rotarian can attend meetings of any club throughout the world.

For more detailed information about Rotary nationally, visit our national web site: www.rotarygbi.org.

The above photograph shows the distribution of international aid to disaster areas via the Shelterbox charity, an organisation supported by Brackley Rotary over many years.