Our support for international projects...

End Polio Now campaign: Rotary volunteers

Part of the club’s activities relates to international work, including raising money for overseas projects. These projects are often supervised by overseas Rotary clubs, providing assurance on how money is spent. We illustrate our international support below:

Each year the club makes a financial contribution towards Rotary International’s charity The Rotary Foundation. It seeks to change lives in the UK and around the world. Through the foundation Rotarians' time, money and expertise is channelled into such areas as eradicating polio – a major project, promoting peace and addressing poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition.

We have continued to support the UK’s ShelterBox charity to enhance the stock for responding to world-wide disasters.

But it is not just financial support… 

One of the club’s projects was the provision of educational items and work skills boxes to the struggling Roma community in Romania which we attended, linking with the Rotary Club of Brasov.

Our long-term supervisory and fundraising project to bring water to the Kenyan village of Mithuluni was successfully completed in 2016 in collaboration with a Kenyan Rotary club. Together with the Nyali family in Brackley, we raised £11,000. This was supplemented by grants totalling £20,000 from Rotary District and Rotary International funds.

We collect unwanted hand tools for the Tools for Self Reliance charity, helping disadvantaged adults in the UK to improve themselves and to play a more active part in society. After refurbishing by the volunteers in workshops, the hand tools are sent to people in developing countries who use them to earn a living. If you have unwanted hand tools (not garden tools) or sewing machines, please let us know.

The above photograph shows Rotary volunteers assisting in the overseas polio immunisation programme. Although polio has not been seen in Great Britain and Ireland for many years, it is vital that we continue our efforts to eliminate the disease worldwide in order that it can never return. Rotary cubs in Great Britain and Ireland have so far donated over £20 million to End Polio Now.