A School needing a bus (and much more)

Riverside School

With the support of our Rotary colleagues in Germany(Wuppertal), France(Maubeuge), and a number of local clubs, we were successful in obtaining a grant from the Rotary Internatiohal Foundation Fund of some £35,000, which enabled the provision of much needed help to our local Riverside School.  The preparation work which took over two years to complete was carried out by a team from this club.

The school caters for pupils from across the Borough of Bromley, and surrounding areas, all who have the highest level of special needs.  Pupils have a wide range of educational and learning difficulties and some have complex medical needs with life limiting conditions.

The help provided includes:

1. A suitable vehicle for transporting severely disabled children.This takes the form of an adapted vehicle (Minibus) to transport one pupil in a wheelchair and two seated pupils as well as a member of staff.

2. New technology equipment to support learning and aid communication.By using modern computer technology such as the 'Eye Gaze' software, pupils with low cognitive abiity who are unable to communicate verbally, will benefit enormously.  This form of techology can often have real life-changing potentials.

3. Other technological equipment such as a sound beam system also increases  opportunities to develop learning in pupils with low cognitive abili;ty.  Music plays an important role in these techniques.