Remembrance Tree

Our Club's flagship project helps raise funds to support local charities

Remembrance Tree on Bedford Row

Each December since 2009 Limerick Thomond Rotary Club has run its annual Remembrance Tree on Bedford Row. The tree provides a public space for people to remember loved ones who have passed on or who are unable to be with them for the Christmas. People write the name of a loved one on a yellow ribbon and have it placed on the tree. There is no charge for the ribbon and voluntary donations are accepted.

The project has been running in partnership with Limerick City and County Council since 2009 and has raised over €150,000 for local charities and to support Rotary’s charities including its drive to eradicate polio from the world.

Virtual Ribbon:

Please copy the link into your browser to put a loved-one's name on our virtual ribbon. Names placed on our virtual ribbons will be placed on the altar with all of the names associated with the Remembrance Tree. The Remembrance service will take place on Friday 04-01-2018 in the Augustinians church, O'Connell street, Limerick.There is no charge for the virtual ribbon and voluntary donations are accepted. After submitting a name you will be given the opportunity to donate via PayPal. This year's charities are Cuan Mhuire, Cliona's Foundation and teh Oesophageal Cancer Fund.



Charities interested in this project going forward for future years should contact our Community chair Ger Lynch.













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