Monday 10th December

Mon 10th December 2018 at 18.30 - 20.30

Our Speaker for the evening is: Peter Lovett on Microbiology in our everyday lives

Microbiology in our everyday lives

Some TV ad’s suggest that bacteria must be killed!  Yet our bread, beer, wine & whisky, milk, cheese & yoghurt, beef , Quorn, biofuels, sewage works, farming and our own well being all depend on microorganisms.  Our digestive system functions smoothly only in harmony with our natural bacterial gut flora.

Designed for non-scientists, this talk looks at types of microorganisms, the historical heroes of microbiology, good and not-so-good bugs, global threats (pandemics, running out of oil) and inter alia, food safety (how to avoid food poisoning).  And just how did Salmonella bacteria get into powdered baby milk?

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