Our speakers/ Speaker Adele Cowell joined us

Tue 6th March 2018 at 7.15 pm - 10.00 pm

Adele joined us on Tuesday 6th March for a pleasant meal at the Golf Club and then spoke at length about the League of Friends of the Hospital

Adele Cowell from the League of friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital
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The League of Friends of Teddington Memorial Hospital was formed in 1954. Its aim was to provide personal services for patients, including library books, a trolley shop, refreshments for visitors, and a hospital car service on a rota basis. It has raised over £8m so far for projects within the hospital and to benefit the patients.

The current project is to fund a replacement for the x-ray machine at a cost of £341,000.  The previous model was installed 10 years ago and the Friends donated £10000 towards it. Having recently received a legacy property the Friends are now able to fund the whole cost of the replacement, aswell as provision of a temporary machine during the rebuilding (the new machine is larger and will require more space). Currently the funds go to cover, jointly with Richmond GP Alliance, the costs of running the Out of Hours Service for the area. Smaller projects include providing food vouchers for patients in need, for their return home, newspapers for in-patients, art classes and other therapies and the supply and service of the fish tank. There is also an exceptional team of volunteers who continue to provide reception, shop staffing, refreshments and a library facility.

The Walk-In centre is now being replaced with an Urgent Treatment Centre run on an appointment basis, however Adele assures us that people will still be able to walk in and be seen. She was sure that the triaging would be better and result in more patients being treated. Adele told us that the Out of Hours service has been very well received and used by patients and alleviates the strain on the A&E departments in other hospitals in the area. However with the new arrangements, this may no longer be needed as there will be three new GP hubs that will provide 24 hr service. The Friends will continue to fund the Out of Hours service until April.

Ken Smith gave the vote of thanks and reminded us of when one of our treasured Founder members Bill Gilliland was an in-patient at the hospital and all the Rotary members were able to visit him. It was always a very friendly welcoming atmosphere, much loved by the local community. We hope it continues for many years to come.

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