The Ngorongora Education Project

Our ongoing support for this project. Now with New and up to date photos.

The Ngorongora Education Project


At a recent meeting of the club  we had the presence of Sylvia Goodall and Nicky Jarman who represented the Ngorongora Education Project which is a Maasai charity working in Mosu, a remote part of Northern Tanzania.


Sylvia and Nicky and family visit this area to work with sponsored children whose Maasai parents have built a hostel in the village to save children walking 2 hours each way to go to school.


The Rotary Club of Alton demonstrated its ongoing support with a further £4,000 which is going towards building a fence around the hostel to protect the children from predators, both animal and human.  


UP DATE: Nicky has now sent us some up to date photos from Tanzania showing the "living fence" surrounding the hostel and classroom. Another benifit from the  Rotary Club of Alton support for the project is the provision of a simple chimney for their mud huts eliminating the smoke inside.