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The St Valentines meeting of the East Sutherland Rotary Club was a great night with many members bringing their partners.  The speaker was Police Dog Handler Mathew Watson with his drugs dog a lovely and highly entertaining and intelligent Labrador called Whisky.  Mattie's spoke about his many humorous and often very serious experiences as a dog handler be it rescuing folk lost on the hill, searching for bodies or visiting pubs and clubs as they investigated drug sales in our communities.  Mathews talk ended with a display of Whisky searching the club house for hidden drugs-- did we see an uncomfortable movement among our members--of course not!  The evening included an enthralling open discussion about how to train dogs and also a reminder to all us dog lovers about how to keep being top dog, particularly apt on St Valentine’s Day!  The St Valentines theme was evident in the raffle prizes of flowers and toiletries provided by Beth.  This was a fun evening and was a thank you by the police for our recent donation of £1,000 to the Police Dependants Fund.