Clean Water for All Project aka Sand Dams

Follow the progress on the sand dam in Kenya, that you have helped to provide.

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We had some exciting news presented to the club on 18th November with an update on the sand dam project which has been going on in North East Kenya.

This year the Club raised money at the Annual Duck race, to enable a community in Kenya, Africa, to have clean water. This in turn will enable them to grow crops and have a better diet, and the children will be able to get an education, rather than spend hours a day collecting water, which is often dirty.

We have recently learnt where the sand dam that the Rotary Club of Alloway has sponsored is going to be constructed. As soon as we have coordinates, then we wil publish the area of construction. Keep on eye on this page, as we update it with the progress that is made.

Here's a short video, explaning what a Sand Dam is:

On Saturday 23rd June 2018, the Rotary Club of Alloway ran their 3rd Annual Duck Race as part of the Holy Fair, on the Low Green.

Ducklings raced in 10 heats, before a final race.  The winner of the duckling race was Helen Lewis, 2nd was Lynn Burns, and 3rd place went to Joan Young. Corporate ducks just ran in one race. The winner of the corporate race was A1 Ironmongers. Congratulations!

29 local businesses donated at least £90 each, and will continue to receive publicity on this page. Please support these businesses, with your custom, because without them, we would not be where we are now.

A fantastic result resulted in over £5500 being raised from this one event. Add the grant we received, and we are sitting around the £7500 mark. Still another £5000, but we are sure we will raise that before the year is out. If you would like to help us, complete the "contact us" form on this piage, and we will be in touch.

A huge big thank you to all those who participated in the Annual Duck race. A huge achievement.

We are grateful to the following Businesses who sponsored a Corporate Duck

Ayrshire College        A Joy of Health Clinic       Catherine Cowie Counselling    Orr & Simpson Opticians

PetCayr   The Baby's Castle    Kay's Curling 

William Duncan Accountants       Corum Property    Drain Klear   Parks Doonfoot   Micro Storage 

Heads Of Ayr Farm Park

Castlehill Roofing  Prolawn Ltd

Sillars Carpets Donald Reid and Sons Builders Caltech Scotmin Nutrition  The Wishing Well  Caledonian Windows   R W Scotland   S & C Engineering   

Semex UK   Ve-Tech Concrete 

Hillhouse Quarry Group

The McKinstry Company

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