District Governor Elect Surveys His Patch (21 February 2018)

Allan Smith joins us for lunch.

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The Club welcomed Rotary’s District Governor Elect, Allan Smith,  at its regular lunch this week.

Allan takes the reins of our District Affairs in July. Being a member of a Jersey Club we are pleased that the Rotary District figurehead is returning to the Channel Islands once again.

Guernsey is not unknown to Allan having visited here many times in the course of his former employment over many years. Old acquaintances were therefore renewed before Allan spoke to the club formally. 

Allan complemented the Club for its dynamism and the level and breadth of Service that it contributes to both the Island community and other World-wide Rotary projects.

After lunch, Allan then met with our own President Elect, Mike Le Conte, to discuss Guernsey’s role within District going forward and our attendance at the District Conference to be held in Jersey later in the year.

The smiles in this photo taken alongside our current president, Simon Milsted (right), turned to a look of apprehension when Allan later learned that his itinerary while our guest here on Guernsey involved attending our Club social trip the following day, scheduled to start at 7.00am!