Business Career Opportunities advice with Roy McLachlan

Tue 3rd April 2018 at 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm

Roy explained about opportunities he took in education and then business. Check his advice below

Roy is owner of the Ardgowan/Playfairs in St Andrews since retiring from a facinating business career with many different companies.


1) Do the homework with the directory of opportunities for graduates to try and get an idea of what job roles would appeal.

2) Try and direct that search towards opportunities that would enable you to get another work orientated qualification such as Marketing or Finance while working even if you have to take the qualification externally.

3) Go to lots of interviews even if thats not your ultimate gaol. Good experience and also there may be some surprises.

4) Consider applying for more menial jobs in a large organisation. Once in, you can see what opportunities there may be and get known in the organisation.

5) Network with colleagues and friends, parents of friends, friends of parents. Anyone who may have other contacts

6) Ensure CV  is crystal clear and to the point. Get it on LinkedIn.

7) Don’t be afraid to hustle. Get on the phone and speak to contacts/employers or interviewers.This may make all the difference to someone who relies on the written word. It shows that you have initiative and drive. 

8) Remember that many great success stories are from people who started off in the post room.

9) Be determined and confident. Be prepared to change direction to make the most of different opportunities that will open up.