2017 Small Community Grants Fund

The Community Grants fund where smaller grant to a number of organizations where £300 - £500 will really help out.



With the help of Bromley and Lewisham organizations we manage to get the word out – we had over 25 applications for a Grant many of which we as a club were unaware of




Grants List Xmas 2017


St Christopher’s grant  £5640

All the other grants will be between £300 & £500 each



1.     St Christopher’s      



2.     Hearing Voices Group Bromley –small group 10 to 14 vulnerable adults with significant mental health issues attending every week - 


3.      Latch Project - Homeless Repayable grant for people in Bromley caught in the time lapse between grants       -


4.     Living on Bereavement Service - The aim of the charity is to support young people who have lost a loved one by walking beside them and bringing them together with other bereaved families -


5.      Bellingham Golden Oldies - a Community group of up to 90 local over 50’s they are applying for a grant to fund three social events for the BeGO Club -


6.     Wheels for Wellbeing - inclusive cycling sessions in South London-


7.     One in Four- One in Four One in Four supports adults and children, primarily women, who present with historical experiences of sexual abuse. -


8.     Bromley & Downham Youth Centre - the grant in their February half term program 2018.  -



9.      Sydenham Garden - is a charity, which promotes the physical and mental health of residents of the London boroughs of Lewisham – tell us about the BEES -


10. VSL Lewisham - Funding for the Christmas Project


11. The Ravensbourne Project - Respite Care Support the home looks after children from nursery age until 18 with 24-hour care if require Right in the center of our Xmas collecting area 


12. Rushey Green Time Bank - FoodCycle Lewisham, launched in May 2016, is a project managed by Rushey Green Time Bank -


13.Young Lewisham Project - The Young Lewisham Project offers a wide range of supportive alternative vocational programmes to young people who are not succeeding in mainstream education


2017 Small Community Grants Fund sub-pages:

2018/19 Collection

more Last year 2017/18 we made 14 Grants to local organizations- This year we plan to donate a similar amount - to other local groups - update coming after our business meeting at the end of January 2019