Thursday meeting/ Beyond our wildest eggspectations

Sun 1st April 2018 at 11.00 am - 3.00 pm

Massive crowds flocked to the award winning Rodley Nature Reserve to enjoy the 4th Aireborough Rotary Easter Egg Hunt

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 Despite a record number of eggs (235) donated for the tombola, around 700 prizes for children completing the token circuit and trays of toys for the Hook-a-duck we ran out in several areas before the 3 p.m. finish.The amount raised for local and international charities including one of President Heather's Charities of her Year, Martin House Hospice, was a stunning £1583 easily surpassing last year's figure. Almost half of this came from the general public's generous donations at what was a 'free' event.

Our thanks go out to the massive crowds who supported this joint Rodley Nature Reserve/ Rotary Club of Aireborough event (despite the unpromising weather) and especially to the impressive number of volunteers who manned the stands, the cafe and the car parks.

It was reward enough to hear the many comments praising the whole event, to know how many people were returning a second and third time and to hear that they will be back next year, thankfully three weeks later in the calendar.

Our apologies go to those who completed the circuit without being able to claim a prize. We promise to meet the demand next year on Sunday 21 April when the sun will shine..

More details and pictures will follow later once weary limbs have been rested.