Paul Harris Fellowship awarded to Keda Norman

Junior Vice-President Andrew Rigg with the award to Keda Norman

A Paul Harris Fellowship is only awarded by Rotary clubs in the United Kingdom to those who have provided exceptional service. The Rotary Club of Hexham has just awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship to Keda Norman for her work with the Hexham Youth Initiative.

The Hexham Youth Initiative provides a safe environment where children and young people can receive information advice and support, develop their own projects and play a full and active part in community life.

In the last year alone the Youth Initiative has worked with 560 different young people. As funding cuts bite ever more deeply the Youth Initiative is being asked to take on more and more work

Keda has been involved in the Youth Initiative since it was formed in 1998 – twenty years ago. Quite apart from her work in supporting young people she arranges finance for projects. She wrote and manages the successful lottery bid “Bridging the Gaps”. This is a five year project which has allowed the Youth Initiative to provide support to some of the more hard to reach young people in the community. She has also obtained finance for the work being done by young people at the Jack Charlton Memorial Garden at Queen Elizabeth High School Hexham

In the words of the Chair of Trustees, Tony Webster “Hexham Youth Initiative would not have survived without her; she is very self- effacing but also very strong willed in pursuing the interests of young people and hundreds have benefited from her work.”

The Rotary Club of Hexham wished to pay tribute to all that Keda has achieved and is achieving.

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