Helping at Gosden House School

For many years we have taken the children of Gosden House School to the Rotary Kids Out at Chessington World of Adventures. The School is in the middle of some 45 acres of land and they no longer have any gardening staff. The land has steadily become overgrown and our club has agreed to help with clearing some of the area.

 On a random basis we now go to the school on a Saturday morning for a couple of hours. So far (middle November) we have made 6/7 visits with sadly only a maximum of 5/6 members each time .  The pictures  show how much has been cleared already on two separate sites - how much could we clear with a few more volunteers on a regular basis?

 Peter O’Keefe and  Philip Rambech are the masters of the chain saw and hedge cutter, Don Flack and Hayley Herring awaken their dormant scout/guide skills on the bonfires and Tony Gorham, Don Raffin, Pauline and Nigel Herring, Ruth Andoh Baxter and sundry family members and friends  have provided the unskilled labour.

Why not join us for a couple of hours of healthy exercise on a Saturday morning and finish with a friendly pint?


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