GDPR - you need to action this!


That time of year again and you are required to confirm that the details we hold on the Club Website are correct. If you don’t confirm they are correct, it means, under GDPR, that we can’t use the information for other than official Rotary business. In other words, Rotary GB&I can bill you for membership but, we can’t add your details to the printed Handbook. Probably many other things as well but, this is a gentle introduction to the real world, post-Cambridge Analytica, or even Facebook, for many of you. Apart from that, we have the situation where the details we hold, might be wrong… 

It is your personal data, no one else’s and it is your responsibility to make sure it is correct. Much the same for the addition of your spouse/partner details – we need their explicit permission. I’m content that you personally seek that and will honestly reflect their views. 

Things have changed over the years and it is now much simpler to log in. Let me emphasise the ‘change’ bit - yes, logging in has changed. You now need to have previously registered with Rotary International – not so easy I hear, loud and clear! I do understand and I have issued instructions, which work, I am also prepared to take whoever needs any help, through the process – but you will need to ask me. That said, those instructions can be found at the bottom of the form below.

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