Dhaka Health Project

Sat 7th April 2018 at 3.29 pm - 4.29 pm

In conjunction with the Rotary Club of Dhaka North West a Health Project has been a great success

Mother and Child Project in Dhaka:

Brigg Rotary Club together with Dhaka North West Rotary Club secured a District Grant and raised a total of £4,000 to enable this fantastic project to provide a wide ranging health care benefit for the Dhaka community.

The official report on the project details its success: “The project has been implemented through a clinic to provide primary health care services with focus on maternal and child health. Regular services are provided by trained Paramedics and once a week doctor visit the clinic to offer services mainly for the selected mothers and children. A wide range of Child health and Reproductive health care services are rendered from the centre mainly for women and children. Immunizations against childhood diseases (against 9 deadly childhood diseases) are provided in collaboration with City corporation health dept.

Services for the pregnant women including antenatal and post-natal care, vaccination against Tetanus, short acting family planning services, health education on danger signs in pregnancy, birth planning, new born care, nutrition, post-partum family planning, etc. Medicines are also provided to the mother and children. Referral linkage has been developed for institutional delivery and timely referral for safe institutional delivery services.

Senior citizens were treated for common old age problems like high blood pressure, arthritis, weakness, peptic ulcers, etc.

Another component of the project is to raise the awareness about the benefit of health services and educate the community on healthy life style to develop health seeking behaviour as outlined in the previous section. As such regular field visit, group meeting in the community and door-to-door visits are a few activities that need to be highlighted.

Considering the limited resource, the project catchment areas, which are very close to the centre, had 2103 households with a total population of 13,300.

Project also conducted a Health Camp in the local Public School premise to offer free health care services including medicine. The health camp was a great success and more than five hundred patient received various type of health care with limited supply of medicine. The services were offered by good 10 clinicians including family members of Rotarians who are doctors, and specialist in different branches of medicine.”

Direct beneficiaries are 4600

Children: 2056

Female: 2439

Male: 136

Indirect beneficiaries through awareness programme 12,000