Buzzing Book Bonanza

21st April was our great giveaway of children's books in Eccles

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What a day!  Here are some of the very positive comments from those who were there

  • Weather – the fact that it was warm & sunny was a considerable plus
  • Rotary participation – all were involved in some way
  • Helpers – we had 6 Friends of Rotary + 4 other helpers – comments were that it was a fun event
  • Working with other Rotarians – Swati (Bolton Lever), Eva (Swinton with Salford), Deborah (Cheadle), Gwyneth (Wigan)
  • Book giveaways – around 150 children got a voucher, parents & grandparents got books for children & gave donations, books were given to Deborah for the Ugandan school which she supports
  • Working with other groups – Barton Theatre, Salford Libraries
  • Assistance/working with the Shopping Centre Security team
  • Recruiting a helper for future book events
  • Public Image – we were seen out there “doing it” by the public & the mayor & it “flagged up our bookshop” – books also mentioned Rotary Eccles and so did balloons
  • Support from Kieron & his team via Julie

Pictures also include Olivia who designed the logo, the storytelling, entrants in the fancy dress (not many as you can see!), and Deborah from Cheadle.