Lunch & Patsy Barrow gives an 'Update on Reredos Project in St Cuthberts'

Mon 14th January 2019 at 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm

Patsy Barrow brings the club up to date with the work being done to identify the way forward with the unique collection of fragments from the fifteenth century reredoses. Phase I of the project identified what is there and the club had a talk in situ.

Patsy has been very involved from the start of the project to identify and make best use of the fragments which derive from St Cuthbert's Church's two fifteenth century reredoses.  More than four hundred fragments, along with the frameworks within which they used to stand, were found in 1848, but a proper catalogue of what was actually there was not created until 2016.  Now that we know what is there, it makes the question of what to do with them more interesting because a great deal more has already been discovered in the course of the cataloguing process.  Should an attempt to reproduce the missing bits be pursued?  Should a detailed drawing, with the missing bits drawn in, be created?  Should a coloured projection be created which would overlay the wall frameworks?  The possibilities go much further!

Patsy is working to identify the best way forward, to explore and inform these discussions, and this provides an opportunity to spread the word and get some useful feedback and suggestions.  Visitors would be very welcome.

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