S O T Y 2018


  Under the leadership of Past President Colin Platt P H F the committee members meet together at  a new venue on Union Street, the offices of First Choice Homes, our main sponsors of this year's event.

Zerg Raja - Stronger Communities Officer - made the team welcome, kitted everyone with visitor badges before showing the way into the allocated meeting room.  He then became a member of the selection committed in the huge, airy and deafening silent offices.

It started well with coffee - do it yourself style - via a supercharged hot water tap.  Under consideration were 21 nominations representing 8 schools from across the Metropolitan Borough.

Two and a half hours later the final choices were made, they would be announced fourteen days later in the Civic Centre's Council Chamber.

To celebrate the millennium each of  the thirty three thousand clubs, members of Rotary International, were charged by those on high to launch a local event nthat would reflect community involvement, either as a group, or individual.  That's the reason behind the birth of  S O T Y.

  The award seeks to recognise students who are making, or have made an outstanding contribution to their school, community of family whilst maintaining high standards in their personal lives.

This very broad spectrum is designed to encourage schools to consider and nominate students who demonstrate these attrbutes.

The first winner was Richard Taylor, a student of Oldham Hulme Boys.  In those far of days there was only one category, we had to wait until 2009 before a separate award for 11 - 16 years was introduced.

Tuesday 24th April the S O T Y team members could be found at the town's seat of power, Oldham Civic Centre, to greet the students and teachers who had submitted nominations.

The Chamber makes an ideal setting for this event, the tiered seating, overlooked with pictures of past First Citizens, form a semi circle focusing eyes on Mayor Councillor Shadab Qumer, who willingly presented the awards.

It took 800 words from the Committee Chairman before the winners names were announced by President David.

Runner Up

  • 11 - 16           Luke Charnock                     Co-op Failsworth School
  • 16+                Iqra Ijaz                                  Oldham 6th Form College


  • 11 - 16          Mubashirah Hanif                  Hathershaw College
  • 16+               Thomas Tupman                   Oldham 6th Form College

This is the first occasion that winners from both categories have been from the same school.  In addition the adjudicators considered one nomination to be better than runner up, but just below the standard required to be declared a winner.

                               Miles White                              North Chadderton School

Extracts from the submissions of the winners

Mubashirah  I have recently started my own business selling waterproof note booklets and a variety of mystery boxes.  I have also created my own logo and have proved successful in getting my products marketed to my customers.

I also volunteer for charity events that take place both in and out of school.  I am very grateful, and appreciative of this and this why I feel I need to give something back to people who are less fortunate, whether this by donating money, or making cupcakes to sell.

Thomas  I have volunteered a total of 100 hours towards helping out with  sporting events across schools in Oldham, and with teams at 6th Form College.

As a result of everything I have done, I strongly believe that this experience has been life changing.  If I had to choose one thing I have enjoyed the most, it would be the interaction with others, and seeing the enjoyment on the faces of many different people, including those with special educational needs, staff members at school and fellow students at my college.

Not only do the winning students receive an award shield, theirs to keep for twelve months, they also receive lap top computers, provided by this year's  four sponsors - First Choice Homes - Merinox Tubing Specialists - Oldhamn 6th Form College and The Rotary Club of Oldham.

In conclusion Councillor Qurmer said, "This has been an ideal venue to recognise such achievements.  These youngsters are our future, and I am sure each and every one of these students could go on to become future First Citizens.  They all work hard to gain these standards, and I've always been a true believer that you don't get nothing back unless you do the hard work first."






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