Kids 4 Kids

A talk from Terry Driscoll of Bookham and Horsley Rotary Club.

Members were pleased to welcome Terry Driscoll from Bookham & Horsley Rotary Club to talk to us about their support for Kids for Kids charity supporting the forgotten children of Darfur.  The club had already made a donation of £300 to Kids for Kids.

Excerpt from 

KIDS FOR KIDS helps children the world has forgotten, children in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship.  Their key project is a goat loan –enabling people to help themselves. Children are malnourished in every village.   Many have had no protein, minerals or vitamins for months on end which not only means lasting damage to them physically but their IQ is reduced, often irreparably.  Goat’s milk transforms a child’s health.  

Goat loans are just one way they help.  By providing an integrated package of sustainable projects which parents say will help them the most –  projects suitable to the region which have both an immediate, and a long-term impact – are lifting families out of abject poverty and transforming whole villages.  To date, they have adopted 87 villages across North Darfur. Over 370,000 people whose lives have been improved long term in one of the most remote and inaccessible regions of the world, where violence is still a daily hazard on the walk to water.

KIDS FOR KIDS are enabling families to stay together, in their own homes.  In Darfur, mothers are forced to rely on their eldest son to search for work across the world in order to send money home so his brothers and sisters will not die of starvation.   Because in Darfur mothers cannot feed their children.  Drought decimated the land last year.  Kids for Kids transforms the lives of individuals and whole communities – but desperately need help.  Many Kids for Kids’ villages are welcoming refugees from South Sudan.  They know what hunger is and will not turn anyone away.  

Kids for Kids is different, they listen to what people tell them will help them the most.  Grassroots projects not only give immediate help to individual families – their children have milk to drink, a blanket to sleep under, a mosquito net to protect them from malaria, farm tools and blankets – this is improving the lives of the whole village, providing health care, veterinary care and, most important of all, water near at hand.  Midwives are saving the lives of countless mothers and babies and have dramatically reduced the incidence of FGM in villages.  They even plant trees, changing the desert to green.

Our thanks to Terry and we send greetings to Bookham & Horsley Rotary Club and congratulate them on their support of this worthwhile cause.

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