Beaconsfield School Interviews October 2018

Mon, Oct 20th 2014 at 12:00 am - 12:00 am

Endeavouring to help young persons start a career.

The School in Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield School Year 11 Mock Interviews - 2018

 Rotarian Dennis Elsey has worked extremely hard as this is no easy task to co-ordinate this event which again has achieved a very high degree of success.The intention is to improve the young persons skills by making them aware of the advantage gained by ensuring they project themselves well to prospective employers. It is hoped that the coaching of these 15 year old students will help them succeed in getting the kind of job that best suits them, Apprenticeships, traineeships etc., To help prepare them for the interviews Rotarian David Brodie presented a play act in September when about 150 students were present.

 The level of participation was high resulting in Dennis having to recruit nine interview coachs for each of the four days from Monday the 15th until Thursday the 18th of October. There were 27 coaches in total (more than previous years). 3 came from Jordans, 2 from Beaconsfield, 1 from Marlow and 1 from Misbourne Matins Rotary Clubs.In addition support was received fromShanley Homes, NatWest Bank, Abstract Hairdresser trainer, British Telecom (including apprentice), Association of British Travel Agents and more than half from community spirited individuals  All the coaches need to be congratulated as it is a great commitment and we are very grateful for their support without which the event would not be able to take place.. The aim is to focus the students on letter, CV and interview techniques. The students are given a selection of adverts for jobs and then expected to write a application letter accompanied with an appropriate CV which would be used as the basis for the interview. .

We could however not cope with the workload imposed without the generous help we received from friends outside the Rotary movement. Perhaps you may be able to support this worthwhile project as we wish to ensure as many young persons as possible are given a good start on the ladder to success. We need all the support we can get, and so do the students. The next interviews are due to take place in October 2019 but it would be useful to have your input early, so please contact Dennis on Email n contribute.

 Brian Westwood. Community Chairman

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