Weekly Meeting At SCCC

Mon 16th July 2018 at 7.00 pm - 10.00 pm

Presentation on Bees and Bee-Keeping

At SCCC 35 members, visiting Rotarian Richard Dyke, plus speaker Michael Gambier and his wife and a family friend, enjoyed a Cheese Souffle starter and a Steak and Ale Pie mains.
Informality in dress enabled Roderick to sport shorts – (we thought him the Bees Knees). Kate Taylor introduced the speaker.
Bzz Bzz – Bee Bee – See? No, Hivemeister Michael gave an animated slide exposition on Honey Bees, - their origins millions of years ago, as proved by fossil and amber encrusted remains, cave paintings of hive robbers, and the finding of still edible honey in Tutenkhamen’s sarcophagus. (no use by date on the jar).
We workers and drones learned of the “waggle dance” which forager bees performed before entering the hive, aligned to the sun and indicating direction and distance of the best flowers. How the queen laid her eggs and a grub then became a pupa and emerged as a young Queen, and the old Queen took selected workers to find a new colony. “A swarm of bees in june is worth a silver spoon, but a swarm in July ain’t worth a fly”.
Being a honey farmer looks a lot of hard work, and the predator Asian Hornet plus agricultural insecticides could well wipe out a colony, even the whole species, unless mankind takes more care.
“How doth the honey bee improve each shining hour?” Isaac Watts asked, and Michael showed us.
A vote of thanks by Rory was supported by all.
Bill Tregillus thanked those who helped marshall a Guide Dogs Fete on Castle Green on last Sunday.
Ball Draw for £150 was unbroken, but Chris Rickard won the wine.
Next Meeting on 23rd July at SCCC – speaker - “The Big Pitch”. d/r Roderick, s/f Phil Greenway.
30th July- 7.00pm Out Meeting to BigwoodAgri to look at Tractors, followed by meal at The Merry Monk. MEAL APOLOGIES to David Janes. d/r C Rickard, s/f R Goring.
n.b Duty Rotarian and Speakers Friend Rota is in Calendar at end of the new Membership List 2018-19.