Memorable Golf Tours

Wed 17th April 2019 at 12.50 - 14.15

Bette Hunter is a tour guide with lots of " Memorable " experiences

St Andrews Rotary Club

St Andrews Rotary Club member Bette Hunter was the speaker at this week’s meeting.

Bette has been an Official Guide on tours all over Scotland, including many involving our internationally famous golf courses. Whilst the tourists have loved the golf, Bette, until recently, found herself unable to enter some clubs due to their “men only” status. Something she is very pleased has now been changed.

Bette then gave us a virtual tour of Scotland, taking us from Turnberry to Gullane, from Edinburgh to Aberdeen and several others locations. Her experiences on the tours were highly amusing and gave an insight as to how the rich and very rich live their lives.

Whilst the idea of using private planes, bringing huge wardrobes of clothes and being waited on hand and foot might sound wonderful, she pointed out that some of them, are more concerned with keeping up appearances, often at the expense of enjoying the occasion, the event or even the food provided.

After showing a party of guests around the Burrell Collection, Bette was asked by Visit Scotland to become one of their official guides, which has led to her fulfilling that role on for example, The Royal Scot Train tour and on board The Hebridean Princess.

Bette concluded by telling the meeting that she had many more stories and would be happy to share them when her turn for guest speaker returned next year.

Rotarian, Wilson Sibbett, gave the VOT, thanking Bette for giving us such an amusing and fantastic insight into what goes on and what doesn’t go on, on Scottish tours.   

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