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Contribute to our charities! Get personally involved with one of our teams! Why not show your support by sponsoring a Soapbox Team?

Sponsor a Soapbox
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Support your Favourite Team

Get Involved!  Take a personal interest! Sponsor one of the Soapbox Teams!

Are you Interested in the Soapbox Derby?  Want to take part but can't be a team member?  Or just want to support us and help make the charitable donations as large as possible?

Every team has to raise at least £100 in sponsorship for the Soapbox Derby charities so you can help them and us by Sponsoring a team using our simple sponsorship process.

100% of ALL Profits raised will go to Local and International Charities supported by Rotary including:

International: Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders), Rotary's End Polio Now, Ciamanda Primary School, Kenya

Local: Little Havens Children's Hospice, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance, Local Schools

Just click on the team number or name below and you will be taken to a web page which will allow you to sponsor the team of your choice.

301     Heart Throbs (Jon Chaproniere)

302     Thomas Bartlett

303     Canvey Satellite Rotary Club

304     Miss Sophie Loveday

305    Monkswick Stables

306    Lee Mason

307    Rotary Club of Wickford

308    Quilters Junior School

309    Waterhouse Cars

310    The Yellow Submarine (Complete CARnage)

311    Mark Nuttall

312    Lancaster Ferrari & Maserati Colchester (Rob Cole)

313    Paul Burr

314    Dropped Out

315    S.E. Vintage & Classic Vehicle Club (Keith Smith)

316   Mike Coker

317   Colchester Royal Grammar School (Matthew Adcock) 

318   Billericay Self Storage

319   Neil Smith

320   Adam Lambert

321   Steve Biggs

322   VW Down Under (Paul Mullinger)

323   Tommy Stafford

324   Motor Show Events

325   REMAP

326   Steve Harris

327   Nick Lang

328    Alyson Smith

329   Southen Landscapes

330   Brightside Primary School

331   South Green Junior School

332   9th. Basildon Scouts

333   Paul Smith

334   Anita Cockerill

335   Kip McGrath

336   Shenfield High School Team 1

337   Shenfield High School Team 2

338   The Hogwarts Express (Complete CARnage)

339   Craig Bickerstaff

340   Scott Farrar

341   Rallysport Engineering Academy

342  Partyman's Magic Makers

If you just wish to sponsor the Soapbox Derby as a whole, then you can do so by clicking on the line below:

Rotary Club Of Billericay Soapbox Derby 2018

Privacy and Confidentiality

Rotary Club of Billericay promise to respect the confidentiality of any personal data you share with us, when you enter a soapbox or buy tickets to the Rotary Club of Billericay Soapbox Derby, including information that we have access to through the third party purchase processes.

We will only use this information to ensure the success and the effective operation of the Soapbox Derby, during the preparation of which,we regularly send information to you about the forthcoming event including, but not limited to, our Soapbox Newsletters. This information contains vital facts about the event which we need to share with you.  For this purpose we maintain a mailing list comprising your names and email addresses, and if you are a competitor, your telephone number(s) and postal address.  We take your privacy very seriously and our “Privacy Policy” is published on our website and accessible directly from our Home Page at www.billericayrotary.org using the Privacy Policy and Accessibility link at the foot of that page.

Once the event is over and all activities related to it have been completed, we will delete all such information except that necessary to allow us to inform you when the next event will take place, and relevant information about it, so that you have the opportunity to enter or help us again.