Rotary Monmouth/ Girls’ Study Hall equipped in India

Hope community Village in Kerala offers long term family care to children who have lost care in their own families. Monmouth Rotary provided equipment for the hall.

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Paul and Catherine Sherrington visited by chance Hope Community Village in Kerala in 2017 and were impressed by the happiness of the children and aims of the project. Hope community Village offers long term family care to children who have lost care in their own families. They were told that no one here is an orphan, every child grows in the loving care of ‘mother’, togetherness of a ‘family’ of brothers and sisters and safety and security of a ‘home’. The children in groups of ten of mixed age live together in houses with a Mother and Auntie figure thus providing a stable home environment. The school is open to the wider Community, providing a high standard of education which would not be available otherwise, this enables children to go on to University.

Paul came home determined that Monmouth Rotary should support such an excellent project. The opportunity came when an old cowshed was to be converted to a study hall. The cost of the conversion was more than expected so there was no money to finally fit it out with all the necessary equipment. This is where Monmouth stepped in with the £2000 needed to complete the hall which will make an educational difference for children for years to come.

The following is a report sent on completion of the project:-

We are very pleased to tell you that the project is now completed. Following the completion of the external construction, work could begin on the interior. Furniture and fittings were ordered to the exact specifications set out as previously supplied to you. All but a few outstanding items of furniture still being made are now in place and the hall is up and running and in regular use.

Clay Cross Rotarian Dr. Cheryle Berry, who is also a Trustee of Hope was fortuitously on hand in mid-May to formally perform the opening ceremony in the presence of invited guests, staff and children. The inaugural event in the hall was a presentation to the children and staff by an external speaker on the theme of Youth Empowerment.

The area has been landscaped to ensure that the new building blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Some of the children helped to plant more than a dozen fruit trees, which, when mature, will provide welcome shade. A table-tennis table is on order for the games room and we have been able to send, via various visitors, a selection of board games.

The fully kitted out study centre is an incredible facility for the older girls who have hitherto had to share their study area (formerly the kindergarten classrooms with KG size furniture) with younger children of all ages. Having a dedicated space of their own will make such a difference to their studies and potential for achievement. In addition, it makes an ideal space for holiday and weekend activities, seminars and staff training when not in use for study.

We are exceedingly grateful to Monmouth Rotary for your kind and generous contribution which has made the completion of the facility possible. On behalf of the Trustees, staff and children of Hope, we would again like to offer our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you and all your members

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