Community Team at work

Our Community Service team went into action again to tidy up the base of the lime trees in St. Mary's Church Yard.

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Sandbach Citizens

        Compliment Rotary’s work


Mid-June is the time when twenty-odd lime trees in St. Mary’s churchyard send out long shoots (often called suckers) from their base and become a nuisance as they overhang the pavement in High Street.


A few years ago our club gave an undertaking to remove these troublesome shoots and three members of our club descended once again on the churchyard with various kinds of garden implements and cleared them. It took us about 30 hours hard work and we left the area very neat and tidy.


It was refreshing to receive compliments from passing members of the public and it could only do a power of good for Rotary’s standing in the community.


This is one of the many community projects we undertake during the year to keep Sandbach tidy and I thank my fellow Rotarians for assisting me in this annual work..


Rtn. Bill Whittaker, Chairman,

Community Service