International Links/ Lisieux Club visitsTaunton 2019

Members of Taunton Rotary Club along with partners, once again hosted their long-time sister Club in Lisieux, re-igniting old friendships and strengthening relationships between our two Clubs.

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Partnership links with our sister Club in Lisieux, Normandy are long-standing and over the years many exchange visits by Rotarians with their wives and partners has forged a strong bond of friendship and understanding which has endured.

In May 2019 Rotarians from the Lisieux Club visited Taunton and were hosted and entertained by the Club's members. Visits and activities had a central theme of eating and drinking in merriment together. Friends re-united, friends remembered and most importantly time spent together will trigger memories that we will cherish for evermore.

In the past the two Clubs have jointly sponsored international projects such as that to fund and finance the education and training of a young teacher in Zambia and new projects are planned forthe future a our links remin as strong as ever.

Over the years the Club has watched families grow and careers develop. This close partnership is made possible by a shared commitment to the aims of Rotary, respect for each other’s culture and an atmosphere of fun and friendship, which we hope will be maintained long after Brexit whether it happens or not!