Let the Children Hear VTT Global Grant 2018

Rotary Foundation Global Grant supporting Ian Hutcheon Clinic for Children inKampala,Uganda

Pam Leyton, VRA training in Kampala

Tell us a little about your project. What are the main objectives of the project, and who will benefit from it?Our Project is in two parts 1) Vocational Training Team (VTT) at the Kisenyi Health Centre Kampala, Uganda, implemented by the Rotary Club of Luton North UK, International Partner, and the Rotary Club of Sunrise, Kampala Uganda, Host Partner to the Project. The VTT will provide a comprehensive training programme for local Primary Ear and Hearing Health Care professionals to; a. Allow them to become more competent audiological practitioners for the effective detection, prevention, management and correction of childhood hearing loss in Uganda b. Give them the skill level in paediatric audiology to train others to ensure sustainability. It will also equip them to replicate and extend the service to other health centres, within Kampala in the first instance Beneficiaries: Clinicians, Health Care Workers, Audiologists, will benefit through improved training and future employment opportunities. 2) Humanitarian Project further extending and improving the work initiated in GG1523898 by Rotary and IHCC in the slum areas of Kampala. to; a. Improve healthcare for the children by using more up to date and sophisticated equipment, including Visual Reinforced Audiometry (VRA). This will allow the introduction of a screening programme for newborn infants not presently available anywhere in Uganda. A major breakthrough for the country. b. Enable IHCC to complete a pathway of audiological assessment on new born babies, and up to six weeks of age, (0 - 6 weeks), thus, enabling collection, analysis and critical evaluation of the information to develop a National programme for the detection, assessment, correction and prevention of childhood hearing impairment and deafness in Uganda, which does not exist at present. c. Provide publication of data in the medical journal on prevalence of permanent childhood deafness in Uganda. (no robust data is available in Uganda on this) Beneficiaries - Underprivileged children 0 to 16 living the Kampala area of Uganda. (Estimated 10 -15,000). Once the new equipment is installed children elsewhere in Uganda will benefit as they will be brought to Kisenyi Clinic for treatment. Attachments 20,21,22 show data of the number of children attending the two clinics 2014 -2016, attachment 23 gives a prediction that, if this Grant is agreed, the monthly number of children receiving treatment will increase to 700 by 2020.

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