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July 2018 By Keith-Barnard Jones

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Kids Out = Rotarians have Fun

So into 2018-2019 and our new Rotary year.

This month I would like to do something completely different, but first a reminder – there will be NO Table Top Sale at the Community 2000 Hall in August.

So - every year our club takes a coachload of students from Westfield Arts College to Crealy Park near Exeter on what we call Kids Out.  Similar events are happening all over the country on the same day at other venues, but the Wessex clubs always head for Crealy.

To see hundreds of children having a fabulous day out, ably aided and abetted by their teachers, makes Kids Out the highlight of my Rotary year.  This is what it is all about – helping others, and having a lot of fun in so doing.

So this month I am simply going to list comments made by the youngsters about the highlights of their day out as they describe what they felt.  They put it far more eloquently than I ever could.

For me, this is why I am a Rotarians and may help to explain to you what Service Above Self, our motto, really means in practical terms.

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Dear Rotary Club

You’re the best person I’ve ever met.   I will never forget you.

Thanks you for paying for us to go to Crealy.  It was lots of fun especially when **** was screaming on the twister.

Thank you for giving the best day of my life.

I enjoyed seeing Mr. **** on every ride – he screamed like a little girl.

Thanks you so much.   It was such a lovely day.


Thanks you for taking us to Crealy Park. You’re the best.

We had a really fun day going on the rides and the food was delicious.

I had lots of fun with my friends.

It felt like I was flying in the air like a bird.

Thanks you for the day out at Crealy – it was the best.

I enjoyed my lunch.  I ate it all up.

I like these rides as they were so much fun and we got wet.

Miss **** pushed Mr. **** down the slide.

It was my first time at Crealy and I was REALLY EXCITED.

When you are on the twister you go round and then you scream when you go down.  I did a lot.

I have the best day ever

My favourite was the log ride, especially when I got my teacher wet

I liked the egg sandwich

I liked it very much. It made me happy

We had a blast.

Crealy is good and fab rides

By the way, thank you for paying for us

And my personal comment - Thank you to the students for giving us our best day out too.