Wheelchair Foundation UK with Milton Frary - visitors welcome

Wed, Sep 19th 2018 at 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

On Wednesday 19th September we had a superb presentation by Milton on his favourite subject - the Wheelchair Foundation UK

We had an excellent presentation from Milton Frary last night on his favourite charity and this would be a very worthwhile cause to support giving, as it does, so much benefit to those who are immobile for whatever reason and cannot afford to buy a wheelchair. The benefit is not only to the person themselves who become more independent but also to their extended family as it relieves them of the burden of so much lifting and carrying and generally organising their lives around the disabled family member.

The Wheelchair Foundation UK is a non-profit organisation that seeks to deliver a wheelchair to every child, teen and adult who needs one, but cannot afford one bringing new independence to those deprived of mobility by war, disease, accident, natural disaster or advanced age.

Your £75 donation will sponsor, ship and deliver a wheelchair to a person in need wherever in the world. There is much more information on their website at www.wheelchairfoundationuk.org

In 2001, at the Rotary International Convention in San Antonio, Texas the world President launched a joint programme with Ken Behring, founder of the Wheelchair Foundation, California. The programme was very much geared to the USA and Milton Frary, confident that the programme would succeed in Great Britain and Ireland with a different structure, negotiated with Ken Behring to assist in launching a separate independent charity in the UK that would be run subject to the Charity Commission rules and the ideals of Rotary. Efforts would be concentrated on the needs of Eastern Europe and Africa but not ignoring the plight of others around the world.

Click on the link below for a short video presentation (it takes just a few seconds to begin, worth the wait)

Wheelchair Foundation UK

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