Lindum Rotary Club is continuing to develop its project to help provide fresh drinking water in Bangladesh by funding the drilling of deep wells


Lindum Rotary Club has announced the installation of more water wells, promoted by the club, in an area north of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A total of 79 wells have now been sunk across 27 villages, allowing 24,000 people access to arsenic free water for the first time. The total cost of £48,000 was financed through fund-raising, sponsorship (The House of Shah), contributions from other Rotary Clubs and Rotary grants.

Bangladesh has one of the worst environmental problems in the world. Natural arsenic exists in top soil and causes many health problems, even death. The answer is deeper water wells. The village of Bhongergaon is typical of where wells have been provided. A population of 905, including 325 children, used to collect unsafe water from ponds for drinking and cooking. Now that 4 wells have been installed a survey of 150 villagers has shown a drop from 23 previously affected by water borne disease to only 1, and this one may have been caused by water taken from elsewhere.

President of Lindum Lincoln Rotary Club, Chris Milnes, said “Most of our support and fund-raising goes towards local projects, such as the hospices, food banks, and the Air Ambulance, however we also help abroad. I am therefore delighted that we have been able to help again many poor people in Bangladesh”.

The original aim was to build 65 wells, but due to their success and the value for money (cost of £2 per head of population), a further 14 wells have been installed. The management of the project by local Bangladeshi Rotary members in executive positions, ensured safeguards against corruption and this terrific value for money. Nothing has been taken for administration and meticulous accounting and auditing was in place.

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