Buttsbury Skipathon 2018 - What a day!

Buttsbury Junior School RotaKids supported their chosen charity (Great Ormond Street Hospital) by completing a sponsored skip.

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GOSH What a Performance

A beautiful sunny day.  Not a cloud in the sky.  And not a cloud to hinder or disrupt Buttsbury Junior School RotaKids’ Sponsored Skip.

Skipping to a fundraiser

Buttsbury Junior School is the second primary school in Billericay to form a RotaKids club, the junior version of Rotary, and this club is als sponsored by the Rotary Club of Billericay.  Each year, the members of the club select an appropriate charity which they want to support, and then conduct fundraising events to raise as much as they can for this charity.

This week, the School supported their chosen charity (Great Ormond Street Hospital) by completing a sponsored skip. The children were given a sponsor form before half term to collect as many sponsors as they could from their family and friends. They were sponsored either per skip, or by the total amount of skips they could manage in a minute.

Taking Turns

Each year-group of the school took it in turns to complete the challenge - the children skipping in pairs – one skipping and one counting skips. Then after a minute, a short rest, and then they swapped and the previous ‘counter’ did the skipping and the skipper counted his partner’s skips. It may have looked like chaos, but it was all beautifully choreographed, as each class of the year walked out onto the playground, collected their skipping ropes from their teacher, did their skip and finally, returned their ropes to the teacher before returning to their classrooms.  Year three first, then half an hour later, year four, and so on through the morning.  So Impressive.

A prize was awarded to the child who performed the most skips (from each class), and the child with the highest number of skips overall.

Fun AND Rewarding

The total amount raised for GOSH is exceeds £4,000.
What did the children think:

  • “We’ve been doing a skipathon for Great Ormond Street. We liked raising money and love our scores.” Sienna & Roxie (Year 3);
  • “I did a sponsored skip and it was fun.” Molly (Year 4);
  • “It was really fun and rewarding knowing we were helping children in need at Great Ormond Street.” Isabelle (Year 6). 

And the Teachers:

  • “It’s nice to see the children smiling and supporting each other.”  Mrs Mara; and
  • “Great to see the children’s enthusiasm in raising money for a good cause.”  Mr Redmill.

An extensive amount of preparation went into organising this event.   A huge thank you to everyone for their sponsors, to the teachers for organising the event and to the children for their excellent attitude and participation during the skip.
Another successful fundraiser – Well done Buttsbury!