Buttsbury RotaKids 2018 - Enterprise Day

The return of the school’s “Enterprise Day”. 30 minutes of competition to see which class in each year could raise the most money on their own initiatives from a £5 start to donate to charity.

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Class ‘War’ To Win The Charity Battle

Enterprise, yes! Bedlam certainly!  When Peter Greene and Trevor Bond attended Buttsbury Junior school’s Enterprise Day on July 10, we were greeted by two lovely RotaKids officers, Isabelle and Alexa – and goodness knows how many screaming excited pupils rushing through the school from class to class.

What was going on? What was it all about? What happened to the school rule: Walk. Don’t Run?

Answer:  We had been invited by Head Teacher Ann Robinson to see the return of the school’s “Enterprise Day”.  30 minutes of competition to see which class in each year could raise the most money from their own initiatives to donate to charity.   We stalked (no other word for it!) the classrooms to see the enterprise in action: from cake and biscuit making, to skittles to karaoke to popping balls into pots to, you name it! It was like a War-field!

Lord Sugar skills

As Head Teacher Ann Robinson explained: “You are seeing the popular return of our annual Enterprise Event. With only £5.00, each class had to put their Lord Sugar skills to the test and make as much profit as possible. This year’s ideas are even more creative than last year.”

In a nutshell, there was a plethora of stalls and activities.   Class Fundraising Events Included

  • Cake & Biscuit making
  • Karaoke
  • Bounce the ball into a cup of sweets (Trevor Bond admits to parting with a precious 20 pence for one go – and won four sweets to generous applause and a swift distribution of the winning sweets!)
  • Skittles
  • Lemonade making
  • Folded coloured paper designs – fascinating

Ann added:  “The children loved running their own stalls and visiting the other classes - the first year they have been able to visit all the school classes and enjoy what each class was doing.”

So, the overall winners and future entrepreneurs made the following profits:

  • Year 3: Class 3MA – £44.65
  • Year 4: Class 4T -£59.70
  • Year 5: Class 5M - £80.80
  • Year 6: Class 6U - £57.66

Cash for GOSH

Overall school winners - Class 5M with that amazing total of £80.80 total profit raised. The whole school team raised £628.16 which will go to their RotaKids charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Another £628 for GOSH – what a way to end their school year!

Our thanks to Isabelle and Alexa for being such brilliant hosts, and looking after us so well – proud RotaKids.
PS: Every class was shouting “It’s Coming Home” - sadly not, but what England cheerleaders they all were.