Annual Poppy Appeal

Working with the Royal British Legion in Aldridge to ensure poppy cans are distributed and that there are plenty of volunteers to collect.

The Royal British Legion leads the Annual Poppy Collection, raising thousands of pounds towards the essential donations on which the service of the Royal British Legion depends.  The Rotary Club has been pleased to participants in this annual collection and, through its links with our schools and local businesses in and around Aldridge, ensures that cans and boxes were delivered and collected from them.

When the Veterans and their supporters needed help to continue these essential Community Services, the Rotary Club members were pleased to be able to provide this.

Although the Poppy Appeal remains at the heart of the local Branch of the British Legion, the Rotary Club has also taken a greater involvement, to help them to organise and deliver their resounding success in fund-raising.  The annual Appeal, now raises over £40,000 locally. This can only be done with the support of volunteers and community groups, who, through Rotary, Lions and Royal British Legion, have offered their help, delivering and collecting poppy boxes and cans to and from the many businesses, schools and helping to man ‘Poppy Fortnight’ collections in Aldridge Precinct and Morrisons store.

You can get involved with helping to take the labels off the cans and add new labels which must be done before each annual collection.  Cans then need to be sorted into rounds and delivered to local businesses and schools. We always need volunteers to collect during the main 2 week period in the Morrisons store and also in the village precinct.  After the collection period can must be brought in from everywhere, the money is counted and banked and the poppy cans are all returned to storage for the following year.

Get involved with this and many other local projects by joining our club - we always need members to make sure that we can complete important projects like this.


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