Rotary Lytham - Welcome!

Every bottle of our purple Lytham Gin raises £6.20 and with triple funding from the Gates Foundation will help innoculate nearly 93 children to protect them against Polio.

We sold 1,000 bottles of Passionately Purple Gin


We've sold 1,000 bottles of our Passionately Purple Gin since it was launched in October.

That's £6000 we have raised with the help of a great many of our supporters to help towards the eradication of Polio.

And we were delighted that RI Director Brian Stoyel came along to our club meeting on 23rd May to receive a cheque which, with the triple funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be worth around £18,000 toward EPN.

It is a great honour for the club that an RI Director agreed to visit us and that Rotarians from other neighbouring clubs came along to greet him. 

One bottle, or multiple bottles, of this special craft gin can purchased for £36 each and can be delivered direct to your home for FREE. 

Orders can be placed directly with Sandgrown Spirits, the producers of this magnificent Passionately Purple Gin at: and Rotary will receive its donation from them.