Sawla Hospital Project


Rotary Sawla Hospital Safe Anaesthesia Project in Etheopia (R.SHAPE)

"Most of us take the availability of anaesthesia for granted. But millions of people in the developing world are not so fortunate. In poor countries, many hospitals lack suitable anaesthetic equipment, medicines and trained staff. Imagine needing an amputation or a Caesarean section without anaesthesia?"

"Without anaesthesia emergency operations cannot be performed and many patients do not survive, especially women in childbirth and children. Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide was formed to ensure that the benefits of anaesthesia are available wherever needed so that patients can receive the treatment they need, safely and painlessly." (SAWW). 

Herne Bay Rotary Club has held events over the years to raise funds for charitable projects and we are hugely grateful to the many individuals and groups who have supported us.  Our latest project, to provide anaesthetic equipment to a hospital in rural Ethiopia, requires a budget of over £30,000 and we are receiving financial support from two of our European Conjoint partners (Emmen and Remscheid) and from our Rotary District.  We have also submitted a bid to Rotary’s International Foundation.

Some 80% of Ethiopia’s population live in poor rural areas.  Sawla town is in southern Ethiopia, approximately 515km southwest of the capital city Addis Ababa.  Its hospital has just 125 beds yet serves a population of 1.2 million people.  It has three operating theatres but provision for anaesthesia is inadequate.  The existing anaesthesia machines are unreliable, as is the electricity supply.  Oxygen has to be brought in at considerable expense, over poor roads from Addis Ababa.

The equipment which we hope to supply will generate oxygen for both use in the theatres and for storage in cylinders and will be able to continue running on occasions when the mains electricity supply fails.  We also propose to include portable equipment which can be taken out into the villages in emergencies.  The Hospital’s management believes that this will save hundreds of lives over the lifetime of the equipment and so we hope you will join us in crossing fingers that we manage to achieve the budget necessary to bring this project to fruition.

SAWW and Diamedica are working in conjunction with Rotary to provide this much needed resource to Sawla Hospital.  Please see below for links to Rotary Herne Bay's presentation and Handouts given to our Conjoint partner clubs in November 2019.



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