Diary of Events/ WORLD WAR 1 - THE FINAL YEAR

A talk by Malcolm Newman <br/> Member of Coulsdon Manor Rotary

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Malcolm Newman, a member of Coulsdon Manor Rotary Club, was the speaker on 11 September 2018. His topic was "World War 1 - the Final Year". Malcolm told the story of the war during 1918 and events that led to the Armistice on 11.11.1918.

The 'War to End All Wars' had a death toll of 10 million soldiers (plus civilians which are not included). This year we celebrate the centenary of the end of the War but unfortunately the world has not learned from it and war is still a reality today.

For notes relating to this talk, visit http://www.historyplace.com/worldhistory/firstworldwar/index-1918.html