​The Fishtail Fund

The Rotary Club of Dronfield is a proud partner of the Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail, in Nepal, Asia.

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Together the two clubs operate The Fishtail Fund which has the intention of helping clever children from poor homes to stay on at school. 

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In Nepal there is a majestic sacred mountain whose Nepali name is Machapuchre which in English means Fish Tail. Its soaring heights symbolise the upward aspiration possible through education. The mountain rises steeply behind the Pokhara villages where many of our students live. 

In Nepal the government, though poor, guarantees education for all. Education is highly valued. Most poor children stay in primary school. It is common to see younger children in their smart uniforms, eagerly walking to their local school. However economic pressures mean that the poorer children drift away from school before they reach secondary school. Their parents may need them to work in the fields, or earn short-term work as porters. Some drift to the capital Kathmandu and work in unskilled occupations. 

There is evidence that children who stay in school after 10 have fewer children themselves and are more likely to become professional people. Children staying in school to 16 will have happier, more fulfilled lives and will contribute more to the improvement of the economy. Education is the way out of poverty. 

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