Create a stir in the kitchen with the national RIBI Young Chef competition.

ENTRIES NOW CLOSED for the 2018/19 competition

CLICK HERE to request information on the 2019/20 competition when it becomes available

The first round of this year's competition will be on the 1st December 2018 at Beverley Grammar School.  Full details of the format for the day will be sent by email after the closing date.


To prepare in two hours, a three-course healthy meal comprising starter, main course and dessert for two people costing less than £15.00.  This year's Beverley Club theme is 'Celebrating Local Food'.  

The Time Planner and Ingredients forms  must be completed and brought with you on the day of the competition.


Judges with appropriate skills appointed by Rotary will apply the judging criteria and provide feedback to all competitors with particular advice to the winners for the next round. The judges will not discuss marks and their decision will be final.

A Rotarian will not be appointed as a judge for regional or national finals.

Judging Criteria

Judges will allocate marks as follows:

  • Costing - 5 points
  • Planning - 10 points
  • Healthy choice of dishes - 10 points
  • Presentation of table including flowers, cloth etc - 10 points
  • Meal served at correct temperature - 10 points
  • Neatness of working area and hygiene - 15 points
  • Range of skills used - 20 points
  • Taste and presentation of starter - 20 points
  • Taste and presentation of dessert - 20 points
  • Taste and presentation of main course - 30 points

Total 150 points

Judges will deduct marks for courses presented outside the allotted time.
Marking criteria for the national final will be determined by the judges and advised to the competitors in advance.

Only in exceptional circumstances, at the sole discretion of the competition organiser, will correspondence or discussions be entered into following the event.

At all stages of the competition competitors will receive a certificate of participation.

At the end of the competition, the organiser will collect the judges score sheets. These will be retained by the competition organiser for a minimum of 3 months after the date of the National Final, after which they will be destroyed to comply with GDPR and the competition Privacy Policy.

A Rotarian with no interest in the participating teams will review the scores to ensure accuracy before the results are announced.

After the judges have determined the result of the competition one or more judges will comment on their observations of the competition before announcing the result.


National finalists will be given an apron to be worn at the final. The winner, second and third in will receive trophies and prizes. 

Full information pack here.

ENTRIES NOW CLOSED for the 2018/19 competition

CLICK HERE to request information on the 2019/20 competition when it becomes available

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