Bewdley School Year 8 Interact

Bewdley School Interact Club was revived in September 2018

The Club are thrilled that the Bewdley School Interact Club has been revived thanks to the efforts of members, Graham Bullock and Elaine James, and several members of staff but in particular Becky Newbold. 

The Year 8 group have decided, following a talk to them by Kate Oakley, Founder of the charity Planting for Hope, Uganda, to support a project to buy reading books and book bags for all the children’s at Cornerstone School. They have set themselves a goal of raising £1000 before Christmas 2018. 

Their first fund raising event in collaboration with Year 12 was to host a homemade cake, cookies and sweet stall at break time on Thursday 25 October at which they raised £250. 

Further fund raising events are a Readathon from Nov 12-Dec 18th, a non-school uniform Christmas Jumper day and a pin badge stall. 

On November 8th ten Interactors and three staff members were guests of Bewdley Rotary Club to whom they presented their Read4Uganda charity project. The highlight of their presentation was a short film, where a range of students discussed why reading was so important to child development in Early Years education. 

Kate Oakley was also present at the meeting and praised the students for their fantastic hard work and for their focus on the needs of others.

During the evening, each student received an official Rotary badge with President Megan and Secretary Isobel receiving special President and Secretary badges.

Club members were very impressed with the maturity of this young group and the way that they were very at ease in adult company. Deputy Head, Catherine McDougall stated “I was so pleased to see our young people engaging in such a mature way with the Rotarians.”