Ask the Vicar! - Past President Rev Roger Woodward

An opportunity to ask the Vicar all those things you wanted to ask, but never had the opportunity to ask.

On Tuesday 27th November 2018, Coventry North Rotary Club had a speaker cancel at the last minute, so. Past President Rev Roger Woodward stepped ‘up to the plate’ and gave a very entertaining talk, with the topic ‘Things you wanted to ask the Vicar’.  Roger opened the talk by reciting a poem about the ‘dash’ on a document relating to the years between a birth and death, which was very interesting and thought provokingNext came the questions, ‘Why do Vicars wear clerical collars?’ and 'Why do we sing hymns’? This led to an interesting session of questions and answers, which all were asking.  Rotarian Andrew Pargetter thanked speaker Roger, and President Elect Philip presented a cheque to  him for the ‘Food Bank’.  Rotarian Brian Sharp took the photograph.

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