Trenches Project - Garth Hill School, Bracknell

In keeping with the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1, the school has recreated a scene to show the conditions under which our troops fought the war

This project is to replicate as far as possible the WW1 trench scenario to give youngsters some idea of what their ancestors went through in defence of our country.  It is clearly impossible to be 100% accurate but the youngsters could at least see some of the things referred to in history as real objects.

The project is initially for the pupils of Garth Hill but that will be extended to invite other schools in the area and eventually the general public will be included. Recently, the trench welcomed its first visitors, you can see more about that here: 

ERC have been involved for several weeks in fitting out the trenches which have already been dug and have made excellent progress thanks to the efforts of Bruce in recruiting volunteers. However there is still a lot to do so please support Bruce as often as you can.

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